Jun 182013


Thanks for popping by to the new website!

Rather shiny isn’t it. Hope you like it and a big Thank You to “Unintelligent Design” for a cracking job done. (Seriously if you need to get a site built, give them a shout.)

(Actually, on second thoughts give them an email, they respond better to emails rather than shouting.)

(Not that I have had to shout at them, just I imagine they prefer you to use the technology they are versatile in, rather than that of a common fishwife)

(Is putting a continuation of thoughts into brackets wrong? It probably is)

Anyhoo. So now that I have a new site and blog I better keep it updated.

Soooooooooo what’s happening with you?


You don’t say!


Oh well I have a couple of special gigs coming up that you might be interested in. Both are in July, the first is the closing show to the Sunderland Comedy Festival and is Jason Cook and yours truly with Andy Fury as MC.

It will get messy and be rather special as I full expect the pair to be trying to rip the piss at any opportunity.

The second is a live Recording of “That Wine Show” with Andy at Darlington Comedy Festival. This one we are going full hog at and will probably end up a bit drunk. Which as long time listeners know makes for much better listening?

If you are interested in coming to them or any other shows the Diary page is getting slowly updated and you can click and pick on the event for more details and links for tickets.

If you have any burning questions send them via the contacts page and I will be happy to answer them as best I can.

Thanks for popping by and don’t be a stranger!


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