Jun 282013

Monday see’s another new Chat Show at The Stand Newcastle.

These are a high point of the month for me, just good fun to do and relax and chat with some mates and people who I think are going to be great guests.

Take for example the next show on the 1st of July, we have Carl Hutchinson and Colin Briggs.

Carl is in my opinion, one of the comics to watch. He has tremendous skills as a stand up and makes me laugh even when I have seen the material for the fifteenth time. His deft use of the English language is cracking. Much like the way Ronnie Barker used to bend and twist words I honestly think that will soon measure up to that high watermark.

He is also a good mate, and will be sharing some tales and horror story’s from gigs past, which is what the audience love to hear.

Colin is the Newsreader and Anchorman for BBC Newcastle in the morning. That’s what people recognise him for. If you happened to follow him on Twitter you get to see the less serious side of him, and this is what the audience will get to see on Monday.

Mix that with a charming set from Natalie Wicks at the warm up to the show and an appearance from “The Nicest Man in Showbiz” Mr Alfie Joey and we have a full show.

Just about.

The one thing I have missed out from the line up is the audience. They are the other big part of the show. And without sounding all fake and schmaltzy, Its just a fact.

Although we have the odd heckle, we have a lovely crowd of regulars who come no matter who the guest’s are, and then we have the people who come depending on who the guests are.

Having a big name guest like The Futureheads, Jason Cook, Chris Ramsey or Sarah Millican means we sell out straight away. And the sell out shows are honestly no different from the smaller attended ones. Same amount of chat, and same amount of laughs!

The best thing about the sell outs however is that some of people who have come to see a specific guest drift over and become part of the regular crowd meaning slowly but surely we have a large number of people who come rain or shine.

What I enjoy is that no matter who we have on, the audience are part of the show as well. They get to ask the questions as well, and this is when the show really gets to be fun. When you are sitting up on stage, its easy to feel like its not a crowd, but someone else in the conversation who you are telling the tales too.

I am slowly but surely editing the shows down to be released as a podcast version. However some of the questions and answers are having to be omitted for taste and legal reasons, so if you were at those shows you still get to have that little bit more fun than future listeners will.

So if you are free on Monday then do pop along. Tickets are only £3.00

Why so cheap you ask? The reason behind is it that we want everyone who comes along to be able to afford a low cost night out. Times are tight and it means you can have a night out of fun for less than a price of a quality kebab.

Hope to see you!


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