Jul 302015

99_probs_noboxWell this is rather exciting!

I am going to be touring my show “99 Problems And The Chips Aren’t One” at various venues this year.

But what’s the show about?

“99 problems and the way to solve them! Are there everyday problems or questions you need answered? Let Steffen Peddie, a man who has multiple problems every day, show you the way to either:

  1. Leave them all behind you
  2. Get revenge
  3. Sort them out

Whichever, it will bring some laughs along the way!

This show is guided by your Questions and Problems, so it’s a different show every time!

Bring a problem and possibly leave with a solution, or at least with a smile on your face.”

The show runs off the back of your “problems” (basically questions or suggestions or whatever you like) and then I try to answer them.

You might not get the best advice and correct answers, but it will be fun working it out!

Dates are being added as soon as they are confirmed, ticket information available on main diary on front Page

The next tour show is at The Westovian Theatre in South Shields on August 14th, hope to see you there!


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